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21K Group, LLC, its management and its staff (herein 21K Group) have established the following Terms and Policies. These policies may change at any time:


Ads help us run this site. When you use our site selected companies may access and use information on your device for various purposes including to serve relevant ads or personalized content.

While we are affiliated with the organizations posting to the site, 21K Group, its management, or employees are in no way responsible for dissatisfied service or mishandled products by the affiliates. We are also not in control of the pricing offered by the affiliates.

In some cases, 21K Group receives a small financial benefit for the referral that keeps the site going.


Members have the right to terminate their membership to the site. We DO NOT return paid membership fees and once cancelled, users can utilize the service until the end of the payment period. 21K GROUP has the right to remove any users without cause. Should 21K Group remove a user from the site, the user will lose immediate access.


21K Group has the right to remove affiliates from the site without cause. 21K Group has ultimate editorial, content and design control of the site.